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25 apr | MOA - R alternatief voor SPSS?

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An introduction to R-scripting for market researchers and data analyst


This MOAcademy is an introduction to R-scripting for market researchers and data analysts. R is used as part of the data analysis toolchain in some of the biggest companies in the world. Nebu is a co-organizer of the R-training.

How often is R being used in market research and business analytics?

  • In 2015 Rexer Analytics survey reported a surge in R use. Where only 23% of the respondents indicated to use R in 2007, that number had risen to 76% in 2015. 36% reports R as their primary tool for analysis.
  • Burtch Works, a recruiting company for quantitative business professionals, has been analyzing the usage of SAS and R for last three years, and since 2016 also Python. The report indicates that R as the most used tool of the three, with 42% of respondents indicating they choose R over the other two, whereas only 39% chooses SAS.

Why use R?

  • R is a tool tailored for all kinds of quantitative research
  • R is cost effective
  • R can easily be inserted in a complex toolchain
  • R is arguably the most thoroughly tested analysis software
  • R has an impressive and very supportive user community
  • R allows you to apply the R community’s contribution in your analytics
  • R makes you extend data processing and utilization capabilities beyond functionalities provided by SPSS
  • R is always cutting edge
  • R enables you to use the most up-to-date visualization standards.


You will get to know:

  • what R is
  • what are the basic principles of R
  • how to use R in the Market Research
  • how to limit the knowledge hurdle
  • how to write basic R scripts.


You will:

  • discover a brief history of R
  • get to know what the power of R is
  • understand main principles of the R-language
  • learn what Packages are and how to use them to facilitate your day-to-day work
  • find out how to get answers and resources to complete your R challenges
  • get familiar with methods preventing you from falling at the first hurdle in using R
  • make your data analytics for the Market Research Industry more efficient (optimizing cleansing, processing, merging, visualizing).


The training is designed for Market Researchers and Data Scientists/Data Analysts:

  • experienced with SPSS
  • looking for automation of research projects
  • looking for more data-processing and analytical freedom to innovate their


  • R and RStudio should be installed before the training (instructions will be shared with attendees in advance) 

Depending on the participants preference this workshop is in Dutch with English material / Afhankelijk van de deelnemers is dit een Nederlands gesproken workshop met gebruik van Engelstalig materiaal.


Location MOA, Kingsfordweg 151, Amsterdam (Regus gebouw)
Time 10.00-16.30 uur
Trainer 3967c87 Joris Meys

This training is for participants that do not have much experience in scripting. No previous knowledge of R is required.

Deze workshop is voor deelnemers die met het onderwerp: 'Weinig ervaring hebben (A niveau)'

Content level
50% theory en 50% practice
Max. number of participants 15

Participants need to bring their own computer. Deelnemers dienen hun eigen computer mee te nemen.


List of Participants / Deelnemerslijst



MOA-members / MOA-leden* € 370,-- excl. BTW
Members of Logeion, VBO and VSO / Logeion, VBO- en VSO-leden € 370,-- excl. BTW
Not a member / Niet-leden € 570,-- excl. BTW
Training material, lunch, coffee, tea is included. / Lesmateriaal is inbegrepen. Lunch, koffie en thee zijn inbegrepen.



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* MOA members are members with a personal membership (not only a company membership) / Onder MOA-leden verstaan we een persoonlijk lidmaatschap, dus niet alleen een bedrijfslidmaatschap.

* Onder MOA-leden verstaan we een persoonlijk lidmaatschap, dus niet alleen een bedrijfslidmaatschap.


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