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25 apr | MOA - R alternatief voor SPSS?

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An introduction to R-scripting for market researchers and data analyst


This MOAcademy is an introduction to R-scripting for market researchers and data analysts. R is used as part of the data analysis toolchain in some of the biggest companies in the world. Nebu is a co-organizer of the R-training.

How often is R being used in market research and business analytics?

  • In 2015 Rexer Analytics survey reported a surge in R use. Where only 23% of the respondents indicated to use R in 2007, that number had risen to 76% in 2015. 36% reports R as their primary tool for analysis.
  • Burtch Works, a recruiting company for quantitative business professionals, has been analyzing the usage of SAS and R for last three years, and since 2016 also Python. The report indicates that R as the most used tool of the three, with 42% of respondents indicating they choose R over the other two, whereas only 39% chooses SAS.

Why use R?

  • R is a tool tailored for all kinds of quantitative research
  • R is cost effective
  • R can easily be inserted in a complex toolchain
  • R is arguably the most thoroughly tested analysis software
  • R has an impressive and very supportive user community
  • R allows you to apply the R community’s contribution in your analytics
  • R makes you extend data processing and utilization capabilities beyond functionalities provided by SPSS
  • R is always cutting edge
  • R enables you to use the most up-to-date visualization standards.


You will get to know:

  • what R is
  • what are the basic principles of R
  • how to use R in the Market Research
  • how to limit the knowledge hurdle
  • how to write basic R scripts.


You will:

  • discover a brief history of R
  • get to know what the power of R is
  • understand main principles of the R-language
  • learn what Packages are and how to use them to facilitate your day-to-day work
  • find out how to get answers and resources to complete your R challenges
  • get familiar with methods preventing you from falling at the first hurdle in using R
  • make your data analytics for the Market Research Industry more efficient (optimizing cleansing, processing, merging, visualizing).


The training is designed for Market Researchers and Data Scientists/Data Analysts:

  • experienced with SPSS
  • looking for automation of research projects
  • looking for more data-processing and analytical freedom to innovate their


  • R and RStudio should be installed before the training (instructions will be shared with attendees in advance)
  • Attendees will receive access to Nebu Data Hub (There will have to be some time limitation on the access to our software, to be decided).


Depending on the participants preference this workshop is in Dutch with English material / Afhankelijk van de deelnemers is dit een Nederlands gesproken workshop met gebruik van Engelstalig materiaal.


Location MOA, Kingsfordweg 151, Amsterdam (Regus gebouw)
Time 10.00-16.30 uur
Trainer 3967c87 Joris Meys

This training is for participants that do not have much experience in scripting. No previous knowledge of R is required.

Deze workshop is voor deelnemers die met het onderwerp: 'Weinig ervaring hebben (A niveau)'

Content level
50% theory en 50% practice
Max. number of participants 15

Participants need to bring their own computer. Deelnemers dienen hun eigen computer mee te nemen.


List of Participants / Deelnemerslijst



MOA-members / MOA-leden* € 370,-- excl. BTW
Members of Logeion, VBO and VSO / Logeion, VBO- en VSO-leden € 370,-- excl. BTW
Not a member / Niet-leden € 570,-- excl. BTW
Training material, lunch, coffee, tea is included. / Lesmateriaal is inbegrepen. Lunch, koffie en thee zijn inbegrepen.



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* MOA members are members with a personal membership (not only a company membership) / Onder MOA-leden verstaan we een persoonlijk lidmaatschap, dus niet alleen een bedrijfslidmaatschap.

* Onder MOA-leden verstaan we een persoonlijk lidmaatschap, dus niet alleen een bedrijfslidmaatschap.


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