Jul 20, 2018 Last Updated 2:28 PM, Jul 20, 2018

Haystack heeft een nieuwe Adviesraad onder voorzitterschap van Dan Foreman en Pieter Goiris.

"The arrival of Dan and Pieter perfectly fits within the new chapter Haystack is writing as Multisensory Research Consultants. An exciting and challenging journey is ahead and we are looking forward to benefiting from the insights and broad experience in marketing and research that Dan and Pieter will bring to our company. Haystack strongly believes that brands can only be successful when they tap into all senses. It is in their mission to help companies unlock their brand potential by turning products and services intothe right multisensory experience." aldus Haystack. 

Dan Foreman specializes in emerging technologies and developing markets, having helped organizations grow from incubation to successful businesses. He operates in investment, advisory and entrepreneurialpositions. Dan is the Former President of ESOMAR and Founder of TEDx RoyalTunbridgeWells. He is holder of several awards and is a frequent keynote speaker. Dan: “I have been impressed with Haystack’s multi-award winning portfolio of solutions for innovation and insights for some time. I am very eager to work with the talented executive teamto help elevate the business to the next stage of growth, including further international expansion.”

Pieter Goiris has been managing Boondoggle, an international player founded in our hometown Leuven, for more than a decade. Boondoggle is a creative, non-traditional advertising agency which helps brands to create real-world effects. Pieter currently is partner in Boondoggle South-Africa and is chairing the Belgian division. He is also one of the driving men behind some of Leuven’s most trendy cultural and gastronomical places.Pieter: “I see a lot of potential for brands all over the world to leverage on the multisensorial expertise of Haystack’s team. I am very enthusiastic about the potential of Haystack andits team and will use my broad experience in the marketing industry to support the international growth of this leading agency in sensory research.”

Source: Press release haystack, 8 september, 2017