Ipsos neemt social media intelligence bedrijf Synthesio over

Ipsos heeft het Amerikaanse Synthesio overgenomen. Synthesio is opgericht in 2006, heeft kantoren in New York, Parijs, Londen, Singapore en Brussels en heeft wereldwijd 130 medewerkers in dienst.

Uit het persbericht: The company provides clients with social media listening solutions and audience insights measuring the impact of social and mainstream media conversations, and is backed by its historical shareholders Entrepreneur Venture, Idinvest Partners and Bpifrance. Last year, it acquired Social Karma, which had developed a suite of social media analytics modules, and a solution called Profiler, which analyses how individuals interact on Facebook.

Ipsos zegt dat de Synthesio deal haar eigen social media intelligence capaciteiten zal vergroten. Naast productinnovatie, wil Synthesio zijn internationale positie en bestaande diensten rondom de vijf kantoren vergroten, als standalone business unit van Ipsos, met behoud van naam en merk. Loic Moisand, CEO and co-founder of Synthesio, en de rest van het management, zullen de dagelijkse leiding behouden.

Moisand licht toe: 'Our focus on innovative technology, including artificial intelligence, to detect consumer insights from billions of online conversations coupled with Ipsos' decades of market research and consulting experience, will give our joint customers a single path for building and advancing their social intelligence programs. This acquisition will lead both sets of customers to more actionable and real-time social media insights, fused with AI and give them a stronger competitive advantage in the market'.

Bon: Ipsos.com, 30 oktober 2018

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