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MetrixLab benoemt Thijs Elias als nieuwe CEO

Per 9 juli is Thijs Elias benoemd tot CEO van MetrixLab. Vanaf begin van het jaar werd deze rol op interim basis vervuld door Scott Ernst, Macromill Inc.'s vertegenwoordiger Executive Officer en Global CEO.

"Most recently Executive Vice President of Global Development at MetrixLab, Thijs has worked for the company since 2000. He was one of the company’s earliest recruits, and has been a key part of its rapid growth in terms of adding new clients, markets and innovative solutions to help MetrixLab become the global player it is today. He’s developed excellent relationships with the company’s numerous major multinational clients. Thijs has been instrumental in expanding the company’s global footprint, opening more than 10 new markets during his tenure." aldus MetrixLab.

Thijs Elias licht toe: “We have a great team and excellent solutions to help our clients make better decisions to grow their businesses. From this strong foundation, I believe we’re perfectly positioned to continue to accelerate our own business growth as well.”

Scott Ernst licht toe: “Thijs is the perfect candidate to assume the responsibilities of CEO of MetrixLab. He has worked for the company for almost two decades, and in that time he’s proven his commercial acumen, developed an excellent understanding of MetrixLab’s business and earnt the admiration of the team, so I’m confident he is the right person to ensure healthy business growth in the future.”

Bron: Persbericht MetrixLab, 9 juli 2019