MOA - Web Analytics meets Data Science - Digital Analytics Expertise Sessie 

24 jan, 2020

24 jan 2020


VodafoneZiggo has set itself the goal to a completely digital transformation and to work data-driven throughout the organization. VodafoneZiggo, led by Michiel van Rijthoven, Lead data scientist, is making a long journey in the use of data to detect and solve marketing and operational problems. Many of them are in the offline world. But nowadays the paths also cross with the online world.

Examples include the use of Pega for making individual omnichannel decisions and the use of digital data for feeding the churn model. The VodafoneZiggo data science team increasingly collaborates with other teams, including digital and web analysts. One of the questions for the data science team is how you can get more value from digital for the brick and mortar parts of VodafoneZiggo. And what challenges you encounter.

In the upcoming expert session, Michiel van Rijthoven, together with colleagues from digital and tech, outlines:
- the developing data, analytics and automation landscape,
- the search for value and use cases and
- the collaboration between various teams.

The core of the presentation and discussion is the use of omnichannel decision-making (via Pega) and the impact thereof on teams and organization. What opportunities are there - and what are the challenges?

Walk in at 2.30 p.m., start time is 3 p.m. followed by drinks until 5.30 p.m.

Only 20 seats available.
This meetup is free of charges. 




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  • This meeting is free of charge

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